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Truth is, we are defined as much by how we see as by how others see us. Our vision may be our greatest gift.

Those of us who see differently, have an unrelenting urge to capture what we see in ways that can be shared. That’s the fundamental purpose of imaging - to remember what the eye has seen. It’s an almost spiritual responsibility.

Imapro introduces the new QCP-1218 Quality Color Printer. 

grey_beveled.gif (157 bytes) Imapro QCP-1218

Our Mission

The business of imaging, like the business of photography and graphic design, relies on a single quality for its success - authenticity. To authentically reproduce what the eye first beheld or the imagination first conjured is the great duty of the imaging lab. The Imapro team has made digital imaging a passion. Our recorders and imaging systems are among the best in the world. Smart. Flexible. Reliable. Technology with a human face. The very quality you need in our business to be able to get on with yours.

Company Profile

Since the company's inception in 1976 as Imapro Inc., Imapro Corporation products have played a major role in the development of the PC-based business and presentation graphics market. In February of 1986, Agfa Division of Bayer Corporation, a leading manufacturer of film recorders, acquired Imapro Inc. and its technology. Imapro Corporation was formed when the company's original major shareholders regrouped its staff and facilities, retaining the rights to distribute Matrix film recorders.

Imapro's headquarters, including research and engineering facilities, are located in Ottawa, Canada, with manufacturing facilities located in Charlottetown, Canada. In addition, Imapro UK, located in Milton Keynes, England, provides sales and service support throughout Europe. A wholly-owned subsidiary, Imapro Japan, sells Imapro products directly in Japan and has supplied products to Canon, Fuji, and other leading Japanese firms.

Imapro's leading products include high-resolution professional color scanners, film recorders, photographic systems, and pre-press systems.

Imapro's mandate to ensure superior customer support and satisfaction has enabled the company to maintain a high standard of quality and reliability of all Imapro products. Imapro's research team continues to provide innovative engineering to sustain product leadership.

Contact Information

(613) 738-3000
(613) 738-5038
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2400 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1G 6C4
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