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Imapro QCP-1218 Quality Color Printer

Imapro Introduces:


A Truly Productive, Quality, Plug and Play Photographic

Paper Writer / Printer


Ottawa, Canada - Imapro announces another addition to its line of photographic quality output devices. The new QCP-1218 quality color printer is a direct output to photographic paper eliminating the need to image onto film for those high production runs. It has dual resolution at 226 ppi and 452 ppi and can image at 100 prints per hour on 8x10 paper at 226 ppi resolution. The new QCP-1218 comes ready to interface with a PC, Mac or a UNIX based system. It comes complete with a server and a Level II RIP. This is the ideal printer for weddings, portraits, school photography, and simple retouch and restoration applications.   The QCP-1218 is also network ready. Ethernet equipped and operable in  both local and remote configurations. The QCP-1218 is the most complete, versatile, productive, cost affordable, highest quality photographic quality printer being sold today.

Imapro Corporation has been developing and manufacturing input and output products for the slide, printing, and photographic market for the past 20 years. Their products include the QCR range of film recorders, the QCS range of scanners, complete systems, and software utilities to complete a fully productive system with the highest quality at the most affordable prices. For more information on the Imapro product line contact: Imapro Corporation, 2400 St. Laurent Blvd., Ottawa, Ontario K1G 6C4 Canada, Phone 613-738-3000, Fax 613-738-5038, or www.imapro.com.

Name: QCP-1218 (QCP stands for Quality Color Printer)

Format Size: 12"x18"

Resolution: 226 and 452 ppi

Paper Roll Width: 8", 8.5", 10", 12", 203mm, 210mm, 297mm, 305mm

Paper Length: Up to 275' (83.8m) roll

Sizes Supported: 8x10, A4, Letter, 11x14, 11x17, A3, 12x18

Paper Transports: Roll to roll, roll to processor

File Input: TIFF & PostScript files supported with built in Level II RIP

Input Connection: Ethernet 10/100 Base T (RJ45)

Max Throughput at 8x10: 100/hr at 226 ppi

25/hr at 452 ppi


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