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INPUT - WinScan

WinScan program provides you with a set of menu controls that allow you to scan reflective, positive transparent, and negative transparent originals using any scanner from the full line of Imapro scanners. You can scan color and monochrome modes in a variety of resolutions and dimensions. Once your previewed image has been cropped, unsharped masked and color corrected for highlights and shadows, mid-tones, tones, or tones as desired, a file destination can be selected and final scan started. The image is then ready to be brought into a manipulation package for retouching, compositing, or adding the image to a final layout.

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WinQCR program provides you with menu controls that allow you to image PostScript and TIFF files onto photographic film through Imapro’s QCR film recorders.

You can select your choice of files from applicable drives and directories and output the files individually or add it to a batch list for continuous, unattended output. Submenus are available that allow you many choices of configuration. In these menus, you can configure your file for output as desired, specifying parameter such as, resolution, film type, film size, auto sizing, auto rotation, black and white TIFF output, number of images per job, anti-aliasing, resampling and pixel rotation. Additional sub-menus are included that allow you to preview thumbnails to ensure that the file you selected is actually the file you want to output, calibrate your output device, and select Look Up Tables to adjust for color differences between job proofs and actual printed output.

The WinQCR program includes facilities to soft proof your job to the screen using the preview option, or hard copy proof your job to output devices such as thermal printers or laser color copiers. The same software is used to proof the job as well as generate final film. Proofing allows you to see exactly what will be generated on the final film, giving you the opportunity to make any necessary changes before the final film is created.

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WinOut program includes all of the parameters on WinQCR with the addition of color separating the image to produce full color separations from an image setter.

A sub-menu allows for configuring your file output to include screen angles and pitches, dot patterns, trapping, bleed control, and OPI automatic image replacement. The soft proofing features of WinQCR are the same in WinOut.

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