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Imapro Corporation

Expands Its Product to Become a

Complete Digital Solution Provider

Imapro Corporation, with twenty years of experience building film recorders, will introduce a new range of QCR film recorders with a new packaging design to offer mobility, ease of access and maximum protection from dust and still allowing for a small footprint. The full range allows for imaging onto film at resolutions from 2k to 32k with the smallest spot size in the industry. This range of film recorders will allow photolabs or service bureaus to output onto 35mm, 120mm, 4x5", or 8x10", positive and negative film at true photographic quality. The range of applications that they address is from 35mm slides to wall size murals.

Along with the film recorder offering, Imapro will introduce its range of flatbed and drum scanners ranges from 1600ppi to 4000ppi. These scanners offer high quality scanning with flexibility, versatility and ease of use and complement the high quality film recorders.

Imapro is a solutions oriented company that will combine a scanner with a computer and film recorder to offer a solution for every application. Imapro offers solutions which emphasize certain aspects of customer needs; power, speed, flexibility, through put, or case of use and fully supports the system that they sell.

Imapro is the worlds leader in film recorders, offering the best solution for the best price.

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